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Selecting an outdoor patio heater

Factors to consider when renting or buying an outdoor patio heater: 

If you want to determine which type of outdoor gas patio heater is the best choice for your yard or patio, then you have to consider certain things. Here are some factors to keep in mind when searching for the outdoor gas heaters.  

How you will use the patio heater: 

This is the most important consideration to make while buying an outdoor heater. The shape and size of your patio, the situation when you use it, and a number of people will be in the space are typical aspects. You have to be very clear on these aspects while selecting an outdoor heater, which will fulfill your needs. If the outside space is small and your guest sticks close to you, then a tabletop gas heater will do a magic. When you have a space that is enclosed or covered, you can use gas heaters. 


The cost of heater usage varies from one another based on the size, style, shape, and type that you go with. Among all types of heater, you can save more money in the long run by using high quality gas heaters. Sometimes, it looks costly in many places while using propane or natural gas, but in Dubai, UAE and other GCC countries it is worthy in many ways. 


The power of an outdoor patio heater will determine the amount of space it heats. Usually, the heater power measured in BTUs. The higher BTUs represents that your heater offers more heat. In some cases, the manufacturer will indicate the space that their model heats. However, remember how long the heat goes will depend on several aspects of the cold present in the outside.  


Even though patio heaters offer so many advantages but it involves certain risks. The floor-standing heater needs to be weighted correctly to withstand in the windy days. There is a chance to fall off and get fire. Hence, many models will come with the option of auto shutoff for this purpose. Any gas heaters should be kept in the open spaces.  

When you place one in a covered or enclosed patio, you risk both fire hazard and carbon monoxide buildup. For safety, you can read the manual of the outdoor heater and caution how to use it.  

Aesthetics and atmosphere: 

Some people will happy with any kind of gas outdoor heater, which is functional. However, others will wish to have one that adds something to the appearance of their patio or yard, specially in hospitality section in Dubai. If atmosphere and appearance are vital to you, then take time to browse the different styles and models of gas heaters, which fits your outdoor.   


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Gas VS Electric patio heaters

Gas vs Electric Patio Heaters
Which ones are the best?

If you have a patio area, you most likely see it as a place where you can retreat and enjoy life to its fullest. Many times though, the weather may not be that good, and that’s where the need for a good Patio heater will arise (even in Dubai). But what model should you use, should you go for the electric ones or the gas based ones?

Some things are obvious, like the heater location, the amount of space you have and what type of energy you want to use. But to learn which type of Patio heater is the best, we wanted to see some of the pros and cons of both electric and gas based models.

Gas Patio Heaters

These Patio heaters work great if you want to heat up enclosed areas. They offer a radiant heat that brings in a pleasant sensation. They work very well in regions where you don’t have electricity or where you find it rather challenging to add wires on the floor.

A benefit that comes from gas Patio heaters is that these don’t require installation, you can easily move them around at your leisure. Also, the installation process is fast; you just have to install the canister, turn the heater on and that’s it. Some heaters use these canisters as a barbecue, which means that you can have some reserve canisters already.

The cost to run for a gas model is around 1.20 per hour for 13kW. You can use these Patio heaters only on the floor, but the downside is that you do need replacement canisters all the time.

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Electric Patio heaters

Unlike gas based models, the electric models are very light. You can also use them in a lot more mediums. You can have them free standing, convertible from wall to floor, or you can put them on the wall or your ceiling if you want.

Moreover, the overall costs are cheaper when compared to gas Patio heaters, and they also tend to be silent too. This is very important if you have a patio area that should be silent to help you relax and enjoy your time.

There’s no need to worry about running out of any fuel either. You just have a switch that allows you to start or stop the heater at your convenience. You can use the electric Patio heaters to warm specific areas instead of the entire room. That being said, the heat is not affected by the wind, which does happen in the case of gas models.

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Which one is the best?

It all comes down to what you like the most here. Usually, you will note that the electric heaters offer a much better area coverage and the cost to run is smaller, not to mention you don’t need replacement canisters. They can also be mounted in a variety of ways, whereas the gas Patio heaters can be put solely on the floor. That being said, there’s a lot of value that comes from gas based Patio heaters, since they can be amazing for the large or enclosed areas. So, you just have to study all your requirements, and in the end, you can easily pick the right one that suits your needs the most!

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Why It’s Necessary To Have An Outdoor Heater

If you desire to have good comfort during cold holidays, then it it’s recommended you use the outdoor gas heater in your lawn or porch. Outdoor gas heaters are often used in various homes, offices, restaurants, clubs and hotels to keep the cold environment warm. This kind of heater normally uses natural gas or butane gas as a source of fuel and keeps your patio warm. Although there are various kinds of patio heaters like electricity, coal and gas and it your particular requirement solely depends for various purposes.


Outdoor Heaters are one of the best gadget to have in any home because it’s less expensive and easy to handle, these type of heaters provide you with warmth that’s so super easier to start and maintain than a bonfire. It doesn’t bring out smoke and cleaning it up is very easy as turning a knob, above all, you can just turn on the heater and forget about it while you hangout with your guests or chill-out with the other source of warmth in your life.


Outdoor patio heater is a very brilliant heating idea for people who enjoy the outdoors even when the temperatures are not human friendly. There are so many varieties of heaters available such as portable heaters, tabletop heaters, and also those for both residential and commercial purposes. When buying a patio heater , do ensure you have to look out for features like efficiency, safety, utility, power or fuel source and space saving.


First of all you need to find out the exact type of outdoor heater you will need and if the heater will serve your desired purpose. Features for residential and commercial purposes are totally different. You have to checkout for a heater that can provide soft warmth for a very long time. Go for the one that deflects winds, has a low waste heat output, the one that has automatic shutoff, push button ignition, and comes fully assembled.


Even if you want the outdoor patio heater to be run by either gas or on electricity, you should first put it into consideration. The Gas fueled heaters are economical, efficient and environment friendly. You can also connect the normal gas already used in the house to the heater. Propane hook-up tanks with replacements are also available. Heaters that are run on electricity are also convenient, less expensive and also make the heaters maintenance free too. Patio heaters that are being powered by electricity does not easily get affected by the wind.


Space constraints for storing the outdoor patio heaters are no problem at all because there are stainless steel weather resistant very portable variants which are readily available always. These type of heaters can also be used for camping or while on the road too because it’s light weight. They come with propane cylinders which are easy to fit. They have push button igniters and low oxygen shut-off features. Tabletop outdoor patio heater is ideal for small areas. This stainless steel unit is hassle free, has no plugs, and is high on safety features like auto shut-off and fast push button igniter.


Although one have to be very careful and take the necessary safety measures safety while using an outdoor patio heater. It doesn’t matter of the size or type of power supply, you need to always look out for different varieties of safety features before buying one. Safety features should include an automatic shut-off when the winds are blowing strong or someone accidentally hit the machine. Low air supply in the area should also trigger a shut-off as the heater is fitted with sensors to track air supply.


There are other alternative outdoor patio heaters which are also available like tabletop models, portable ones, propane heaters with disposable gas canisters, gas patio heaters using natural gas, Coleman portable patio heaters are mostly used by sports people, electric and infrared heaters that are silent in operation.


Patio gas heaters are available in different qualities, but when buying, always go for the ones manufactured with good quality materials. Good quality gas are usually expensive but it will last long and will provide you enough amount of heat so that you can relax and enjoy your outdoor activities. There should be no weather hurdles in the way of your outdoor entertainment and you can use outdoor gas heater. This type of heater is available in different styles and designs to decorate your home and make it look more beautiful too.


And lastly, always ensure you keep your gas heater good looking and in good condition by taking good proper care of it. You can also purchase stainless steel heater to avoid rusting and other dangers than can affect your heater. Always clean dust from on the gadget so that it does not look shabby and dirty and do cover it when you are not using it. Proper covering will safe your outdoor gas patio heater from rain water, winds, thunderstorms and snow.