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Selecting an outdoor patio heater

Factors to consider when renting or buying an outdoor patio heater: 

If you want to determine which type of outdoor gas patio heater is the best choice for your yard or patio, then you have to consider certain things. Here are some factors to keep in mind when searching for the outdoor gas heaters.  

How you will use the patio heater: 

This is the most important consideration to make while buying an outdoor heater. The shape and size of your patio, the situation when you use it, and a number of people will be in the space are typical aspects. You have to be very clear on these aspects while selecting an outdoor heater, which will fulfill your needs. If the outside space is small and your guest sticks close to you, then a tabletop gas heater will do a magic. When you have a space that is enclosed or covered, you can use gas heaters. 


The cost of heater usage varies from one another based on the size, style, shape, and type that you go with. Among all types of heater, you can save more money in the long run by using high quality gas heaters. Sometimes, it looks costly in many places while using propane or natural gas, but in Dubai, UAE and other GCC countries it is worthy in many ways. 


The power of an outdoor patio heater will determine the amount of space it heats. Usually, the heater power measured in BTUs. The higher BTUs represents that your heater offers more heat. In some cases, the manufacturer will indicate the space that their model heats. However, remember how long the heat goes will depend on several aspects of the cold present in the outside.  


Even though patio heaters offer so many advantages but it involves certain risks. The floor-standing heater needs to be weighted correctly to withstand in the windy days. There is a chance to fall off and get fire. Hence, many models will come with the option of auto shutoff for this purpose. Any gas heaters should be kept in the open spaces.  

When you place one in a covered or enclosed patio, you risk both fire hazard and carbon monoxide buildup. For safety, you can read the manual of the outdoor heater and caution how to use it.  

Aesthetics and atmosphere: 

Some people will happy with any kind of gas outdoor heater, which is functional. However, others will wish to have one that adds something to the appearance of their patio or yard, specially in hospitality section in Dubai. If atmosphere and appearance are vital to you, then take time to browse the different styles and models of gas heaters, which fits your outdoor.