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Triangle Patio Heater

Triangle Patio Heater

● Total Height: 2330mm
● Gross/Net. Weight: 35.5KGS/32.9KGS
● Valve: Low output to high output, with pilot
● Nozzle: 1.5mm
● Igniter: Battery Igniter
● Gas Inlet: 1/4, 5/8 depends on countries
● Payment Term: T/T, L/C
Approval: CE, ETL, CSA, AGA
● Leading Time: 25 Days for a 40′ container
● Extra Spare Part: Wheels, regulator & gas hose,
PE cover and water tank (Does no included in price)
● Package: Brown Carton 140*74*25
● Container Loading Quantity:
216PCS/40’; 240PCS/40’H

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PH08 2.2&1.8M-Pyramid Patio Heater

p08-outdoor patio heater

p08-outdoor patio heater

● Total Height:2210mm
● Net Weight: 26KGS
● Gross Weight: 31KGS
● Package: Brown Carton 136*54*31CM
● Loading quantity: 123PCS/20GP ;
● MOQ:123PCS/20GP
250PCS/40GP ;

PH08-S 1.8, STEEL
● Total Height: 1800mm
● Net Weight: 24KGS
● Cross Weight:28KGS
● Package: Brown Carton 95*51*33CM,
● Loading quantity: 176PCG/20GP ;
359PCS/40GP ;
Dynamic led option
● Valve: Low output to high output, with pilot
● Nozzle: 1.5mm
● Igniter: Battery Igniter
● Gas Inlet: 1/4, 5/8 depends on countries
● Tank size: 5 to 13kgs
● Surrounding heating area:15m+2
● Type of burner: Ceramic
● Type of safety device: Fence
● Fuel consumption: 800g/hour
LPG only and not included in price
● Output:37500BUT/11.5KW
● Tilt off function


●Storage cover is optional (not included by default)

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Outdoor Gas Patio Heaters

Commercial Outdoor Gas Patio Heaters

Outdoor Gas Patio Heaters

Heating for businesses : outdoor areas of bars, restaurants / hotels, arcades and terraces, exhibitions, and street activities. Our outdoor patio heaters are ideal for creating “comfortable patio space for outdoor smoking” in winter, with the result of increasing the turnout of customers and pay back the investment quickly. Also possible to attract more clients with the nice flame light, patio heaters also can be used for lobbies and entrance areas of commercial places.


Check out these outdoor gas patio heaters:


Top Features of Patio Heaters: Check Before You Buy

Outdoor Patio heaters are the best heating solution for areas where the temperature does not go below 4 degrees. In UAE & Dubai where the winter season is short, outdoor gas heaters still a good investment for the looks & outdoors comfort. They are designed with so many unique features that may suit your needs. Some of these heaters are light in weight; few ensure more safety whereas others offer more durability. You might have gone through the details related to different styles of patio heaters that can assist buyers in easy selections. Here we are going to talk about top features that you need to consider while buying a new patio heater.  

1. The Advanced Piezo Ignition: 

Most of the patio heaters these days are designed with advanced electric ignition systems so that users can switch them on by simply pressing a button. This feature can be found in propane type heaters as well as the popularity used natural gas heaters. So if you are searching for a simple and easy to use heating mechanism then these piezo ignition type heaters are probably the best choice for your needs. 

2. The safe to use Automatic Systems: 

If you have kids and pets at home then it is good to think about safety before getting a new heating system. Manufacturers these days are designing the automatic patio heaters that are loaded with advanced sensors to sense the level of oxygen in the outdoor environment. These heaters shut down naturally when the pilot light is not present. These systems appear the best choice for kid’s study room because even if they forget to switch it off, the system will automatically shut down when it finds lesser oxygen in the space

3. The tiltover protection arrangement: 

The tilt over protection type heating mechanism can ensure you extreme safety for usage. In case if the system gets tipped from the ground level, the patio heater will automatically switch off. It helps to avoid the chances of fire due to sudden fall of the heating system. You may find it a safe choice if your pet keeps on running here and there in the house. 

4. The elegant cool touch type fire glass: 

Heaters that are designed with the clear and durable fire glass covers appear more useful as while keeping the burner covered they also ensure complete elegance in the space. It means you need not to worry about burns as the burner stays inside the safety glass. 

5. The wheel type design: 

Those who need a heater that can be moved easily from one place to another or between indoor and outdoor environments will find the wheel type patio heaters best choice for their needs. In most of the cases, these wheels are loaded with propane gas type heating systems because they do not require any permanent connection with the power source.  

Now, you have gone through all essential features of the best patio heater. Probably, you prefer to rent out an outdoor patio heater in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

xHeating is here as well to give the most suitable one to make a safe and cost friendly investment.  

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